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Lyrid Meteor Shower starts today!

Fantastic source for every meteor shower.

  • August 16-25; moon will be full by the 25th and obstruct the view by lighting up the sky, so pre-dawn hours are the best viewing time.
  • 10-20 meteors per hour at the peak, so not particularly big (not nearly as big as the Perseids in August), but still worth trying to catch!
  • Expected peak “in the dark hours before dawn on 22 April.”
  • An outburst of meteors may be possible but is not predicted for this year.
  • "As a general rule, the higher that Vega climbs into the sky, the more meteors that you’re likely to see.”
  • Another beautiful feature of the Lyrids to watch for … about one quarter of these swift meteors exhibit persistent trains – that is, ionized gas trails that glow for a few seconds after the meteor has passed.”

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