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My dad has been doing the CM canoe races for over 35 years and has become somewhat of a legend around the Rivers of America. In the 80s he worked the canoes and founded the famous DC team that kicks everyone’s butt every year, and it has been his mission to defeat them once and for all.

This is his last year doing canoes, and he’s only doing it because I hired in. Otherwise last year would have been the final battle. So my brother and I are on his coed team, and we’re in second place until tomorrow when the other teams race. We’ll probably be in fifth… which means sprints from the Hungry Bear to the Haunted Mansion-ish. Only the first four teams go to the actual finals for one full lap around the River, so this morning might be my dad’s last full lap. We had our best energy, togetherness, and power, so he’s happy, but I would have loved to help bring him to the finals for one last go against DC.

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