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I can’t fucking even…

This is the fourth Oedipus paper I have had to write in the last five years. I think this calls for a revamp of some literature/writing classes - Sophocles is nice and all, and I do love the Theban plays, but I’m just so tired of writing about the same story. I want something new and challenging. This prompt is new, don’t get me wrong - but there’s absolutely no challenge. We literally summarize the life of Oedipus from beginning to blinding, then we summarize how Sophocles decided to arrange the plot, and then we talk about what makes Sophocles’s version better than the chronological one. I am losing my mind with the simplicity. 

Also… it was supposed to be a 2-4 page essay. Are you kidding me? I’m tossing in literary devices, psychological analysis - the goods! The juice and the meat and all that makes an essay not boring. My first draft was 8 pages. I barely crunched it down to 6, never mind 4! I’m not used to high school level writing anymore!

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