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Newly Made Widow- ‘He is a fashionable undertaker, but even his charges are far below what I can afford, and I want to give my husband the most expensive funeral I can, you know.’

The Friend- ‘Why don’t you get a plumber to bury him then?’

The Atchison Daily Globe, Atchison, Kansas, September 4, 1891 (via fetch-the-undertaker)

(via fetch-the-undertaker)

hummeline said:

GUYS. My most amazing friend Kelly started a blog basically about all the weird things she’s found writing her dissertation on 19th c. morticians (officially called: “Men of Sorrow, Markets of Grief: A History of the American Funeral Industry, 1780-1930.”) She’s just getting started, but please give her a warm welcome to Tumblr! 

AAaaaa Kelly is amazing and this blog is probably going to be amazing!  If you love history- especially the weird, particular tidbits of history that make it so rich and oddly relatable- you should definitely check this out.

(via shoomlah)

Dear boyo,

Today was a really good day. Thank you for showing me how to use my phone to its fullest potential and for being very patient in my incessant need to make you watch Indiana Jones. Thank you for being one of the few people in my life who doesn’t actually mind watching Disney movies - and, in fact, for suggesting them to begin with. Thank you for cooking and thank you for helping me clean. Or, you know, making me clean. It’s all the same thing. And thank you for just being around today. And yesterday. And tomorrow. I needed this. Ugh and my mom needed this, too, she’s going to be so happy when she comes home since we can see the carpet in my room.

Anyway, yes. You’re wonderful.

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